Body Makeovers

Prices listed at the bottom of this page:

Our body makeovers have been scientifically proven to be a healthy and effortless alternative to conventional exercise. We use professional, state of the art, equipment that is able to stimulate and work your muscles, just like you would do to your own body at the gym. For extra results, we also combine a heated Diathermy unit to control your body shape and size, even reducing cellulite! Together, the treatments work to eliminate cellulite and fat to create healthy bodies that are firm and shapely.

Some of the other benefits are:

-Losing one to four clothing sizes with one of our packages

– Tighten loose or extra skin

-Increase muscle size up to 20% per muscle group for athletes and body builders, scientifically proven to increases athletic performance by 30% for professional athletes.

-Better circulation and lymphatic drainage,

– Rehabilitate old or new injuries quickly,

-Butt, breast and tummy lifts

– Flatten your abs or target any of your trouble areas

– Lose that baby weight faster than ever!

– Guaranteed to lose at least 2+ inches in your first session.

Body Makeover First Visit: $40

Packages start at: $180

Please note:Follow up visits depend on the results of you first session, the areas you are having treated and your body’s current analysis results. All permanent results packages include 10 sessions.